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Beach Bylaws

The following rules are in place to ensure the beach is a safe, clean, protected environment for all bona fide users to enjoy.


Porirua City Council's General Bylaw (1991) prohibits the drinking, possession and carriage of liquor on Titahi Bay beach between the hours of 5pm and 7am.


Dogs may be exercised on the beach, unless prohibited between 9am and 7pm each day from 1 November to 31 March each year between the dog beach ban signs.


Unauthoritised vehicles are prohibited on the beach access roads between 9.30pm and 5am (this is covered under Section 342 and Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974).  This law is in place, in part, to control unsociable behaviour and to protect the beach environment.

(source: PCC website)


Unauthoritised vehicles are prohibited on the beach access roads between 9.30pm and 5am except for boatshed owners etc.

Vehicle use on the beach below high tide (MHWS) is controlled by Greater Wellington Regional Council rules which allow parking in front of boatsheds for registered boatshed owners and provide a car-free centre-beach area except for surf club activities etc.

(source: Titahi Bay Residents Assocition)

Rule 82 Motor vehicles, motocycles, trailers and land yachts on Titahi Bay beach

Within the following area:

  • the foreshore in the centre of Titahi Bay between 122 metres south of Bay Drive to 279 metres south of Toms Road; and
  • any part of the remaining foreshore at Titahi Bay where any fossil forest is exposed;

the driving or riding or parking of any motor vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, or land yacht for any purpose is a Prohibited Activity and no resource consent shall be granted; provided that this Rule shall not apply to:

(1) any motor vehicle or tractor used in association with surf lifesaving or rescue activities; or

(2) any motor vehicle used for litter removal or dog control; or

(3)any motor vehicle used for beach grooming or clearance of piped stormwater outfalls, maintenance of lawful structures, or other activities permitted by this Plan; or

(4) any motor vehicle or motorcycle driven by an enforcement officer when undertaking their duties.

(source: Greater Wellington Region Council Website)


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