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Juliette MacIver


Juliette writes (in the third person for the purpose of sounding more important):

Juliette MacIver, known to four small people as “Mummy,” and to a handful of others as “Juliette,” struggles with the concept of fame.  One part of her brain pleads with her to be modest and claim that she’s not very famous, while another part loudly insists that she wants fame in measures as yet unheard of in human history. She has settled on a half-way stance and is both immodest and not actually famous.    

Her attempts at renown revolve around authoring children’s books. She had her first picture book published, “Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam,” with Scholastic NZ in 2010.  Marmaduke Duck was nominated for the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2011 and spent many glorious months on the top ten bestseller list. Her second book, “Tom and the Dragon,” was listed in the Storylines Notable Book List 2011. Following that, “Marmaduke Duck and Bernadette Bear” was published and shortlisted for the Lianza Awards 2012.  Juliette released “Little Witch” with Walker Books Australia in May 2012, and she now has many more children’s books contracted with four different publishers including Gecko Press, Walker Books and HarperCollins Australia. The words “big, blustery fish” and “small, small pond” spring to mind.

Juliette and her husband moved to Titahi Bay in 2001 and have come to love the area for its warm, supportive community and exquisite outdoor environment