Meet the committee

These are the current members of the TBCG committee. We would also like to thank Brendan Herder for helping Brenna with the accounts.

If you want to raise an issue with any of them that you know personally, feel free to do so. We won't publish their private email addresses though.

Alternatively, contact the committee through the Contact us page.

We asked everyone to provide a brief background, plus one fact that most people would not know about them.

Abbe Holmes (Chair)

Our curiosity for what Porirua holds, and the allure of the Bay; led my husband and I, with our then, 6-month old daughter, here over 10 years ago. After years of - volunteering at the Playcentre; creating accessible local community yoga classes; home birthing my second child; and seeing out the end of my mother's life at Russel Kemp last year - I feel a part of the fabric that makes this community so abundant and special.

In another life: I used to teach gardening and ecology to children in London schools.

…and soon to be: The imminent and highly anticipated Titahi Bay café will be serving our locally brewed kombucha.

Leanne Leelo (Co-Chair) 

Dave Brett (Secretary)

I moved to the bay just over 5 years ago and have now lived at 4 addresses in the bay area. I have a passion for Titahi Bay and was one of the group to start the Titahi Bay Boatshed Festival and now the chair of the well known Titahi Bay Beach Festival. One thing you might not know is that my professional career took me from cheffing to social work. All formal training completed at Whitireia Polytech.

Brenna Tume (Treasurer)

Jenny Jakobs

I am part of a 4 generational Titahi Bay family. I have lived in Titahi Bay for 36+years now.
I have decades of committee experience at both local and national level. I have a background in tertiary education. I think that community involvement is important to building that sense of community that we all love. My odd fact is that I did my first scuba dive at 62 years.

Gael McRoberts

John Pettigrew

I moved to the Bay, from Kelburn, in 2010. I am 'semi-retired' from working as a business advisor in the public and private sectors, and as an independent consultant. I have done a lot of sailing, mostly in small boats, and windsurfing.
Little-known fact: I used to wonder if I could get up on a public stage and do stand-up comedy, so I took a course and did.