Wellington Free Ambulance

When you call 111 for an ambulance in our region, it’s Wellington Free Ambulance that responds to that call, and at no cost to the patient. Each year we assist over 72,000 patients (an average of 190 people per day) from our ten ambulance bases across the greater Wellington region. 

67 % of these are immediately life threatening or serious.

Wellington Free Ambulance is an essential service provider, committed to providing the highest quality clinical care in:

  • Emergency situations
  • Pre-hospital care
  • Transport
  • Rescue services

in the Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, Hutt and Wairarapa areas.

Wellington free Ambulance costs $21,000,000 per year and is only partly government funded. The rest of the funds – a total of around $4 million per year - have to be made up by fundraising.

Please donate to Wellington Free Ambulance to ensure that Wellingtonians have access to world class level paramedic care when they need it, fast and free of charge. Help us to continue to save lives in our community...

Phone: 0508 WFA FREE (0508 932 3133)